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Welcome to the Vajrayāna Buddhism Contemplative Experience Research Project!


This research is the continuation of my contemplative vajrayana practice in the academic and public domains, presently underway courtesy of my doctoral studies at Claremont School of Theology in the Claremont Lincoln University Consortium in California.

The contemplative science area of this site is where my neurophysiological and empirical psychological mixed-methods research of vajrayana practice forms is documented.

The contemplative studies and empirical practical theology area is where the philosophical and theological theoretical work in Vajrayana Buddhism is documented.



Latest News ~ 2013-14

This year has seen my toolbox of research methods expand beyond quantitative to include qualitative inquiry methods that can be used to elicit, describe, interpret, and analyze direct subjective experience of meditation, sadhana, and other contemplative activites.

I am currently pioneering a Buddhist phenomenological research methodology, utilizing techniques from phenomenology but firmly grounded in Buddhist Middle Way philosophical rationale and informed by living traditions of contemporary practice. I am also using Dr. Robert Kegan et al.'s Subject-Object Interview methodology for investigating subjective self-sense and identity.

Under the supervision and with the guidance of CST and other area faculty, and with continued support from the RdF Corporation in New Hampshire, I am pleased to have completed my coursework, and now am preparing for dissertation fieldwork.



My research work has been made possible by the generous support from the following stewards of evolution, for which I am forever grateful:

Ven. Mankuang Fashyr

Jim and Van Loc Doran

Mr. Mark Chen & family in Taiwan

Mui Sin Chow

Claremont Lincoln University Scholarship donors

Anonymous donor in Taipei, Taiwan

Memnosyne Foundation

Mrs. C.N. Mickey

Mr. Don Perrault

RdF Corporation

Mrs. Kathleen Scanlon

A.N. & P.C. Sherpa family

Ms. Peggy Woolford

Mr. Key Wu

Any and all others not mentioned here!















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